Contemporary Staircases

Buying Guide For Indoor Contemporary Staircase

Staircases Sheffield – Besides the practical aspect it must be beautiful because a staircase enhances the value of a home! Among the different shapes, designs and materials, it is often difficult to choose the Staircase Sheffield that fits perfectly with your home and decor. Your choice will be guided by the available space for your staircase and the budget that you can spend. Here’s a guide to help you when buying your staircase.

The straight staircase

The straight staircase is the simplest form of the staircase, but also requires the most space so that the red carpet is not too steep (between 2m and 6m). It is designed somewhat in the manner of a scale on one axis connecting the two floors.

The spiral staircase

The staircase is perfect to accommodate angles; it is recognizable by its shape L.

The angle can be from or arriving at the stairway, where an intermediate stage can be installed between the stairs into 2 parts. The steps should not be too high and the width should be at least 80cm.

The rotating staircase

The staircase is the form that saves space and optimizing maximum to its 180 ° angle space. As the rotating staircase, steps should not beings too spaced and have a good width.

The Geometrical staircase

The spiral staircase or staircase is easily identifiable by its shape twisted on itself. This is a staircase to the decidedly more elegant and modern look. It takes between 1m40 and 2m30 large for it to be practical and comfortable.


Despite its space saving is important, it does not fit all indoor arrangements and should be very solid or reinforced if it is the only staircase of the house.


Finally, note that the price of a staircase varies according to size, materials and labor force. is the best company who gives you the idea of design, offers the best material to use and expertise to install your staircase. They also discuses on budget that you want to spend for your project. Just call at0114 285 4994 to enhance the value of a home!